1. ABA Blog Post: How Bassi Edlin Huie & Blum Won with Predictive Analytics

    In mid-2013, our small team of trial specialists had just begun defending the City of Fort Bragg, California in a complex environmental case. Our opponent, deep-pocketed Georgia Pacific and their 700-lawyer firm, was formidable. To build our case and prove the City was not responsible for contamination at a 120-year-old lumber mill, we needed to review more than 11 million documents in a wide variety of file formats spanning 12 decades. Millions of dollars in clean-up costs the City and its taxpayers couldn’t afford were at stake. Adding to the challenge, our trial deadline left us very little time to get the job done.

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  2. Scorched Earth: How Climate Change Pits Big Oil against Big Agriculture in California’s Central Valley

    As the producer of a large percentage of America’s food, California’s Central Valley is often referred to as the breadbasket of our nation. Resting alongside the “breadbasket” is a veritable oil bucket. Although no popular moniker currently exists to identify it as such, the Central Valley is a major oil-producing region. Both industries are formidable in their own right and essential to the economic strength of the region; side by side, this situation is rapidly changing for the worse. While there has historically been harmony between these two industries running their substantial operations side by side, this situation is rapidly changing for the worse. New tensions are developing that could have far-reaching consequences.

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  3. Pro Rata or Pro Tanto? Why Equity Dictates the Choice Is Not a Toss Up in Private Party CERCLA Settlements

    As if the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and LiabilityAct was not complicated enough, ascertaining how settlements are credited and what, if any, setoffs are available is very difficult to predict. In most tort cases, courts use what has been called the pro tanto approach and give the remaining defendants a dollar-for-dollar credit for settlement dollars received by the plaintiff. However, the overwhelming trend in CERCLA cases is to forgo the arithmetically based pro tanto approach and to give the nonsettling defendants credit for the settling defendant’s proportional, or pro rata, share of the liability irrespective of the actual settlement amounts paid. While the trend is apparent, whether the district court will use either approach, or create one of its own, is not a settled question and creates an unwanted level of unpredictability in most CERCLA cases.

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  4. When Testimony and the Limits of Memory Collide

    Many law suits involve events that occured in the distant past and witnesses who remember details that directly implicate your clients. Due to the lack of other information, when a witness recalls with shocking clarity a product name, conduct that resulted in exposure to hazardous substance, or other events, the veracity of this testimony becomes a defining factor.

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  5. Lawyers Need Predictive Coding to Succeed

    The question of how to deal with “big data”—data sets of one terabyte or more—is a pressing one for top minds across every industry and academic discipline. From anticipating major shifts in economic patterns to predicting the weather, experts are continually looking for better ways to leverage the glut of digital information we have at our disposal.

    Big data refers to analyses you can do at a large scale that you cannot do at a smaller scale in order to extract new insights or create new forms of value in ways that change markets, organizations, the relationship between citizens and governments, and more.

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  1. Herman to Moderate BASF Panel on BP Oil Spill and NRD Claims

    The BP Oil Spill (Deepwater Horizon) resulted in the largest natural resource damage (NRD) claim to date. Associate Sean Herman will moderate a panel discussion on Thursday June 30 from 12 – 1:30 p.m. about the origins of NRD claims; how they are determined, valued, and litigated; and what the future of NRD claims and defenses will be in light of the BP Oil Spill.

    This event is presented by the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Environment, Land Use, and Real Estate Section of the Barristers Club. Participants will be eligible for 1.5 hours of MCLE credit.
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  2. Noel Edlin ’82 Is in the Middle of a Fight between Two California Heavyweights: Oil and Ag

    When Board of Governors member Noel Edlin '82 tells people he's an environmental defense lawyer, many people assume he is standing in the way of clean-up efforts. But after more than 20 years defending complex environmental cases, Edlin may have had a greater impact than many environmental lawyers.

    "In most environmental cases, usually all the parties are responsible for figuring out the extent of contamination and the most effective form of remediation," Edlin said. "We're diving in and doing very important work on the environment."
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  3. Noel Edlin to Serve as Session Chair at New Environmental Conference

    Managing Partner Noel Edlin will serve as a Session Chair at the all-new Emerging Contaminants Summit on March 1 in Westminster, Colorado. Noel was invited to participate as a result of his three decades of experience in environmental litigation and knowledge of cutting-edge scientific issues related to this complex area of the law. He will moderate a panel called “Environmental Occurrence, Fate, and Transport of EDCs and PPCPs” along with Keith Maruya of the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project.

    This is the first event that focuses solely on mitigating emerging contaminants and brings together renowned experts from multiple disciplines to share insights and discuss solutions. Learn more about the conference here.

  4. Edlin and Herman to Speak at Leading Environmental Law Conference

    Managing Partner Noel Edlin and Associate Sean K. Herman will share cutting-edge insights on the risks associated with perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) at the Emerging and Environmental Claims Managers Association (EECMA) Conference in Orlando, FL on April 8. Human health toxicologist Janet K. Anderson from Integral Consulting will co-present.

    Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are emerging contaminants in their own class and their potential toxicity is only now becoming clear. These chemicals are of particular concern because they are man-made, ubiquitous, and degrade very slowly. Due to increased scrutiny of PFCs, related personal injury claims are on the rise. Such claims suggest that companies using these chemicals in their products are quickly becoming the targets for further litigation.

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  5. Raymond J. Park Elevated to Partner

    Bassi Edlin Huie & Blum is pleased to announce the elevation of Raymond J. Park to Partner. Raymond defends clients against claims involving construction, product liability, toxic tort, environmental, breach of contract, subrogation, and general liability. His construction practice includes representation of contractors, developers, design professionals, and manufacturers in commercial and residential high-rise, mid-rise, and conversion projects.

    Raymond earned his J.D. in 2004 from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles where he was a member of the National Moot Court Team and served on the Scott Moot Court Honors Board. He earned top ten brief honors during Loyola's Scott Moot Court Competition and acted as the team brief editor for the National Moot Court Team. In 2001 he graduated cum laude from U.C. Irvine, with a B.A. in political science and a minor in history. At UCI, Mr. Park was a member of the Golden Key Honor Society and the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society.

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