BEHB Wins Major Victory for Internet Company in Fraud Case

| Apr 20, 2020 | Firm News

In a fraud case worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, partners Fred M. Blum and Joseph B. Adams achieved a major victory for the firm’s client when the Alameda County Superior Court ruled that the defendant improperly and without authorization transferred the client’s assets to a third party. The court found that the defendant’s major defenses had no merit and that the defendant was liable for the improper transfer. BEHB filed the motion on behalf of the plaintiff, an internet sales company, before trial in order to resolve issues of liability and the defendant’s affirmative defenses. The defendant’s cross motions for summary judgment also were denied and the case therefore will proceed to trial solely on the issue of the damages suffered by the client. The matter was heard by Alameda County Superior Court Judge George C. Hernandez.